Community Food Pantry

Our September Healthy Waltham pantries will be September 9 & 23. NOTE-we are moving! Pantry will move to 119 School St., the parking lot of the Clark Government Center Building. Walkers will go to the front of the building and drive up will be at the rear lot of the building. NEW TIME: also we need to move the time of the pantry to 4-6PM distribution. We will need to ask the folks walking to also adhere to the later time since this building is used by the City and the public during the earlier hours. We appreciate your patience!

Walkers-PLEASE BRING CARTS to carry your bags.

Please follow directions of volunteers and police to keep lines moving safely. Remember your masks and social distancing.

IN CASE OF RAIN: We intend to hold the pantry rain or shine except in the event of very extreme weather. Please watch for any announcements if we should have to postpone.


Thank you St. Mary’s Parish for all your support for the past 18 months that we held the pantry at your location!

Healthy Waltham Needs Your Help.

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The Vulnerable Families of Waltham Need You. 

 Thanks to our generous campaign sponsor, HOBBS BROOK MANAGEMENT,

your gift will be MATCHED dollar for dollar up to $10,000!


It’s been a challenging year. Waltham’s low-income residents have been especially challenged by the pandemic and its economic fallout. Seniors, recent immigrants and families already struggling to make ends meet are in danger of going hungry. They need your help.

I’ll help support Waltham’s community response!


In the face of this unprecedented hardship, Healthy Waltham has stepped up.
Since April, our monthly food pantry has been held nearly weekly; to date, 12,500 families have received 325,000 pounds of groceries – from meat, lettuce and eggs to apples, canned veggies and toiletries. 

But the forecast for the coming months is alarming: Experts predict that food insecurity will be felt by families well into 2023. Healthy Waltham is in dire need of your support to sustain its high-level response to this ongoing crisis. 

Will you help us ensure that every Waltham resident can feed their family this winter? From now until December 31st, Hobbs Brook Management has agreed to MATCH the funds we raise during our year-end giving campaign up to $10,000. This means that your contribution of $50 will become $100, $500 will become $1,000, etc. for the vulnerable families of Waltham.


Yes! Double my donation!


Watch (and share!) our short video about our COVID-19 response and how our organization has evolved 

since the onset of the pandemic.

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The need in our community is severe. And at our weekly food pantries, we witness it first-hand: 

  • Parents – many of them essential workers – standing in line in extreme weather conditions for over two hours so they can provide meals for their children;
  • Men and women who have lost their jobs skipping meals in order to be able to pay their bills;
  • A dramatic increase in the number of residents lining up for the groceries we provide – from 400 families a month to nearly 750 families a week.  

We’ve worked hard to ensure that no one walks away from our emergency pantries empty- handed, but our resources are strained and we are in urgent need of funds to sustain our activities. You can help us continue our crucial work. Donate now and your gift will be MATCHED by our generous donors!



Your support of Healthy Waltham and the Waltham community is more critical than ever – please give what you can.

Thank you, and our warmest wishes to you and your family during the holiday season.

Healthy Waltham is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and all gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

It’s GivingTuesday! Help us raise $20K!

#GivingTuesday is this Tuesday, December 1!


Support Healthy Waltham’s GoFundMe campaign: help us raise $10,000 by midnight on #GivingTuesday to help the struggling families of Waltham who are being pushed to the brink during the COVID-19 pandemic.

$10,000 is an ambitious target, but we believe in you, our supporters–and so do Gulf Gas and an Anonymous Donor, who have combined forces to MATCH donations one-to-one, up to $10,000!

Your gift of $50 will become $100, $500 will become $1,000, etc., for the struggling families of Waltham. With your help, our $10,000 raised will become $20,000 for our #NoFamilyHungry campaign.


In this time of crisis, Healthy Waltham has stepped up to meet the challenge. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work – providing over 320,000 pounds to over 12,500 families through our weekly food pantries. Since COVID-19 began, we have more than QUADRUPLED the number of families we serve each month. But our mission to ensure that every family in Waltham can put food on the table is far from over. COVID-19 cases are surging and we look with trepidation to the long winter ahead.

We’ve recruited some of Waltham’s familiar faces to cheer us on as we race towards our goal.


Come on, Waltham! Let’s Do This!

Statement on Racial Injustice



As an organization dedicated to promoting the wellbeing and affirming the dignity of all members of our community, we feel it necessary to respond to the events that are gripping our nation.

Over the past few months, our country has experienced an unprecedented public health crisis with the novel coronavirus, which in turn sparked a devastating economic decline. These events have disproportionately impacted the vulnerable populations already served by Healthy Waltham: families with young children, recent immigrants, the elderly, and those suffering from chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, often the “essential workers” who experience far greater exposure to the virus as they do their jobs each day. Since the onset of this situation, Healthy Waltham has stepped up to meet the increasing need to feed the Waltham community­–a need so severe that since April 1st, our monthly food pantries have become practically weekly, as we work to provide access to fresh food and produce to those facing food insecurity.

And now our nation is ablaze with an underlying truth known all too well to our black and brown families. With the killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and most recently, George Floyd, members of the black community and those allied in the fight for racial justice are feeling a range of emotions. The coronavirus outbreak has laid bare the staggering inequities in our country. Black and brown communities have borne the brunt of both the virus and its economic impact. The killing of George Floyd offers yet another stark reminder that black Americans are subject to a different set of rules and that the societal systems and structures designed to support and protect its citizens often exclude the black community.

As a woman of color, my family and I have personally experienced racism and, as Haitians, we have experienced cultural bias. This moment, therefore, is affecting me in a profound way, both personally and professionally. I am raising my hand to say, in the experience of our nation’s past and certainly its present, we must be better.

At this troubled time in our history, we recognize that you may feel many emotions–despair, hopelessness, anger, numbness. We encourage you to take time for yourself, to understand and accept your feelings, to sit with them, meditate on them and try as best you can to process them. We also encourage those who are struggling to cope to seek help. Our ally organizations such as Waltham Partnership for Youth , Newton Wellesley Hospital, and CHNA 17 have collected a series of materials that we wanted to share:


Boston College Lynch School – Racial Trauma Toolkit

Mental Health Treatment:

While our country feels so hopelessly fractured, we urge solidarity with our community. We are all human. It’s time to exercise our collective humanity, to practice empathy and compassion. Healthy Waltham will continue its mission to serve those most in need and pledges its continual work on issues of equity. I ask that you please start or continue your own action, whether it is standing up as an ally to a person of color, contacting your elected officials or voting in the upcoming election. Any of these actions will help to heal and improve our community, our state and our nation.

Yours in solidarity,

Myriam Michel
Executive Director

Covid-19 Gift Card Drive

In addition to organizing food markets, Healthy Waltham is distributing gift cards to people in need. We are getting food donations but we also need gift cards for grocery stores. Please help support our community – see this easy way you can help:

Please donate a Hannaford gift card to a Waltham family in need.

  1.  Click on Hannaford Gift Cards link
  2.  Click e-gift card ‘order now’, click ‘Next Step,’
  3.  Click amount $25, ’this is a gift’

To:  Healthy Waltham, From:  your name and email address

  1.  For Recipient email, please use:
  2.  Add to Cart and check out and pay

Healthy Waltham will receive an email to print out that will act as a gift card for a family in need. The email can be redeemed by the bearer and does not need to have their name on it. We will distribute to families who can’t access our food pantries.

Have other gift cards to donate? Please contact

Thank you!