Rethink Your Drink

Healthy Waltham recently participated in Waltham High School’s annual Health Fair and had an important message to share: it’s time to rethink your drink! We know that many people, including kids, struggle with their weight and how to eat more healthfully. But did you know that cutting out sugar-sweetened drinks is an easy way to eliminate extra sugar and empty calories from your diet? In fact, many health professionals point to soft drinks, sodas, sports drinks, and juices as major sources of excess calories, especially among kids. Even 100% fruit juices are loaded with sugar and should be enjoyed in moderation. So when it’s warm, reach for water first! It’s your best no-calorie, healthy beverage choice for summer and all the time.

At the WHS Health Fair, we showed students how you can mix seltzer water (it’s just water and bubbles–some students were surprised to learn that it doesn’t contain any calories) with a little juice to make a natural and low-calorie version of homemade “soda.”

Seltzer plus some fruit juice make a light and refreshing version of homemade soda.

Seltzer plus fruit juice makes a light and refreshing version of homemade soda. Ahh!

A couple of summers ago, our intern Shanlai wrote an excellent article about reducing sugar-sweetened beverages for our newspaper column in the Waltham News Tribune. Read it here!

For more photos from the Waltham High School Health Fair, check out Healthy Waltham’s photo gallery here. And remember to rethink your drink!

Check out this info graphic which shows the high amount of sugar found in common beverages.




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Bay State Bike Week

May 10-18 is Bay State Bike week, an annual celebration of human-powered, two-wheeled transportation! Biking enthusiasts across Massachusetts are planning events in their communities to help raise the visibility of bicycling, engage new riders, and promote the benefits of cycling for transportation and recreation. Bicycling is also great exercise and helps to reduce our carbon footprint.

Join the MassCommute Bicycle Challenge! You can join the fun by joining this free week-long challenge to to use your bicycle instead of your car to get where you need to go. Register for the Challenge today and log in your miles all week. Recognition and prizes are given for categories such as schools, businesses, individuals, and communities. Check it out here.

Waltham Events

Mayor Jeannette McCarthy recently proclaimed May to be Waltham Bike Month and May 10-18 to be Waltham’s Bike Week! You can read the official proclamation here.

Check out some more events in Waltham:

  • Waltham’s First Annual Bicycle Update –  On May 13th, come learn what Waltham is doing to support and encourage biking in Waltham. The meeting will be held at 119 School St. in the auditorium from 7-8 PM. Please see the flyer here.
  • Transportation Working Forums – Waltham’s Planning Department is hosting a series of community forums  on the topic of healthy transportation. The next forum will be about forming a Healthy Transportation Advisory Group. This meeting will be held at 119 School St. in the auditorium from 6:30-8 PM. Please see the flyer on the city website here.

Happy biking! Have a favorite place to bike in Waltham? Let us know!



Bicylist Traffic Skills

Do you know how to navigate traffic or need to brush up on your skills? Biking is a wonderful mode of transportation, but riding in traffic does require some knowledge. Come to this FREE class offered in Waltham on May 5 and May 9 from 7:00-9:30 PM at Waltham Government Center, 119 School St. Then join us for a riding session on May 10, 9:30 AM-4:00 PM at Bentley University on Forest St.

Please see our flyer for more details! This class is intended for ages 16+.

Waltham Cyclist Class

Chateau Fundraiser

Healthy Waltham is pleased to announce our first restaurant fundraiser. On Thursday, May 15, stop in at the Chateau restaurant, located at 195 School St. in Waltham, from 11:15 AM to closing. Present your server with the Healthy Waltham fundraiser ticket, and 20 percent of your restaurant check will be donated to Healthy Waltham! Funds raised will support our healthy eating programs in Waltham. Takeout also qualifies for this fundraiser. Thank you very much for your support! Please download the fundraiser ticket here.

The Chateau has had a unique relationship with Healthy Waltham. The Chateau was the first restaurant in Waltham to sign up for the Healthy Dining Program, an initiative of Healthy Waltham and Mass in Motion. The Healthy Dining Program is a voluntary program whereby restaurants all over Massachusetts pledge to offer healthier substitutions and lower calorie options on their menu. The Chateau Restaurant implemented an “Under 598 Calorie Menu” which has been very popular. Check out these wonderful photos and see our other information on the Chateau and the Healthy Dining Program.

Selections from the Chateau's under 598 calorie menu. Top to bottom: eggplant with whole wheat penne, haddock and baby greens, grilled scallops and vegetables on baby spinach.

Selections from the Chateau’s under 598 calorie menu. Top to bottom: eggplant with whole wheat penne, haddock and baby greens, grilled scallops and vegetables on baby spinach.


Food & Wine Festival

Healthy Waltham will again be participating in the Waltham Food & Wine Festival on April 23, 6-8:30 PM at the Westin Waltham Hotel. We are pleased to join local restaurants and foodies in support of the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation, a unique museum about Waltham’s industrial past. Healthy Waltham’s Chef Reva will be making a healthy kale salad for all to enjoy. This green can be served many different ways, including sautéed, steamed, in soups, roasted in the oven, and raw in salads. For a tasty kale salad recipe, please see our post here. We look forward to seeing you on the 23rd!