Healthy Fundraising Ideas

Schools often look to fundraisers as a valuable way to supplement their children’s education. Why not make your fundraiser as healthy as it can be?  Too often, bake sales, candy bars, cookie dough and pizza fundraisers can send mixed messages when parents and schools are working to improve school nutrition.  Why not consider some healthy alternatives the next time you are planning a fundraiser.  Fundraising can be fun, effective, AND healthy.  Some of the ideas we liked include: selling something OTHER than food, such as crafts, seeds, calendars; raffles-good for people who want to donate but don’t want to buy stuff; service projects such as raking, car wash; bike-a-thons, walk-a-thons, dance-a-thons; special events for which admission could be charged such as bingo night, movie night, carnival.  But there is much more!  Resources can be found by clicking on these links:

Center for the Public Interest (CSPI) Sweet Deals pdf

Resource guide from the Center for the Public Interest

USDA Healthy Meals Resource pdf

Alliance for a Healthier Generation pdf

Action for Healthy Kids pdf



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