Salad Kabobs

adapted from Chop Chop magazine


Of course you could simply make a salad, but this is more fun, and the kabobs make delightfully unusual afterschool snacks or perfectly cheerful summer appetizers. If you like bell peppers, feel free to add those too!


Sharp knife (adult needed)

Cookie cutters

Cutting board
Bamboo skewers




cherry tomatoes

green, red, orange and/or yellow peppers

pitted olives (optional)



  1. Wash your hands with soap and water, then gather all your kitchen gear and ingredients and put them on a clean counter.
  2. Wash vegetables and cut into chunks or use cookie cutters to cut out shapes.
  3. For each kabob, thread the vegetables onto a skewer in any colorful pattern you like.
  4. Dip skewers into hummus or your favorite low-fat salad dressing and enjoy!