Healthy Eating

For some healthy meal ideas, take a look at our Recipes page (En Espanol: Recetas). Check out these websites for lots of information on healthy eating:

General Information for helpful tips on healthy eating, nutrition, and recipes.

Nutrition Source is a good source of all things about good nutrition from the Harvard School of Public Health.

American Diabetes Association

American Heart Association

Fruits and Veggies More Matters

Cooking Matters

Whole Grains Council

Online food diary and physical activity log programs for tracking diet and exercise:

Nutritional Analysis

Websites for finding nutritional information for your favorite foods or your own recipes:

For Kids

Fun ways to get kids involved:

Chop Chop Magazine

Cooking Matters Handouts for Kids

Nutrition resources for kids from

In Waltham

Hannaford supermarket offers free services for customers. Contact Diana Carty, the Waltham Hannaford Dietician, and learn more about classes and services.

Joseph M. Smith Community Health Center offers nutrition services such as information about diabetes, weight management and food allergies.