Waltham Senior Civic Academy

Waltham Connections for Healthy Aging is excited to announce a new program for Waltham older adults: The Waltham Senior Civic Academy (WSCA).

The WSCA is a 20-hour workshop designed to familiarize participants with the structure, functions, and activities of the City, State, Federal Governments and community agencies important to Waltham seniors. The WSCA will provide seniors with the knowledge and tools to become more involved in their community. Additionally, participants will acquire or enhance skills such as letter/email writing and delivering an elevator speech to the appropriate elected official (s) or agency. 

Each day, there will be a speaker, a professional and/or expert on healthy aging with whom you and the other participants may interact and from whom you will gain information and insights.

The WSCA will take place in February-March, 2021, will be held completely online, and is free to participants through the generous support of the Tufts Health Plan Foundation and the AARP. If you don’t have Wi-Fi and use of a computer (such as an iPad, laptop, desktop computer), we might be able to help! Through our partnership with Tech Goes Home we will supply eligible seniors with free Wi-Fi and Chromebooks.

How to apply or learn more:

Please click on this link for more information about the Waltham Senior Civic Academy.