Healthy Eating

Healthy Waltham promotes healthy eating for people of all ages. One of the ways we do this is by encouraging people to increase fruit and vegetable consumption. Diet can impact weight, and being overweight is linked to various chronic diseases and cancer. You CAN take steps to improve the nutritional value of the food you eat! Some of the ways we do this are:

  • Vegetable of the Month Program in the Waltham Public Schools-one of our first projects! This program is a collaboration between Waltham Food Service, the Waltham Fields Community Farm, and Healthy Waltham. Each month, Waltham Food Service features a different vegetable on public schools cafeteria menus, with an emphasis on locally grown produce. Some of the vegetables offered in school cafeterias are grown at the Waltham Fields Community Farm on Beaver St. Healthy Waltham has supported this initiative in various ways, for example with the Brandeis Veggie Buddies. The Veggie Buddies are a group of volunteer undergraduates who visit Waltham school cafeterias to talk to kids about eating vegetables.
  • Cooking demonstrations and workshops-Healthy Waltham conducts demonstrations and workshops to teach people how to prepare healthy, nutritious dishes. Some of our cooking demonstrations show people how to use local produce in new ways or support initiatives such as Food Day.¬†We love working with kids in after school programs or through the Waltham Recreation Department’s “Chill Zone” teen program.
  • Healthy Dining Program-People love to eat out, but sometimes restaurant meals are not as healthy as we would like. Now, many restaurants offer designated “healthy options” or allow substitution of veggies instead of fries, or low-cal dressing on the side. We think this is a healthy step forward, and so do many restaurant customers! Healthy Waltham launched the Healthy Dining Program in Waltham with our first restaurant to sign up, the Chateau. Healthy Dining is a program of Mass in Motion and the Mass Department of Public Health. To join, restaurants voluntarily agree to meet Healthy Dining criteria. It’s easy and it’s free! To learn more or fill out an application, please click here.
  • Recipes-get some of our favorite recipes here.