Waltham Walks

Healthy Waltham promotes active, healthy lifestyles. Physical activity is important to maintaining good health and a healthy weight. Waltham offers many opportunities for you to be more active. Here are a few we love.

  • Waltham City Walks-Healthy Waltham, with the Waltham Land Trust, created a walking map with some of our favorite urban walks. These walks are ideal if you are looking for paved, level surfaces closer to the center of town. Check them out! The maps are available in English, Spanish and Haitian Creole. Download them here:

Waltham City Walks English
Waltham City Walks Spanish
Waltham City Walks Hatian Creole

  • Waltham Land Trust-The Waltham Land Trust works to preserve open space in Waltham. In addition, they lead regular walking programs in Waltham. If you are looking to be more active, these walks are a great place to start. See their website here.
  • Appalachian Mountain Club-The Appalachian Mountain Club recently introduced Outdoors RX, a new program in Waltham designed to help families discover the great outdoors. Studies have shown that spending time outside is good for your health! This innovative program combines regular walks led by the Appalachian Mountain Club around Waltham with “prescriptions” for outdoor activity written by Waltham health care providers. For more information please see their website, http://www.outdoorsrx.org.
  • Waltham Walks at Stonehurst-Join Healthy Waltham, the Waltham Land Trust, and the Friends of Stonehurst for this annual walk on the grounds of the historic Stonehurst mansion, Storer Conservation Land, and Western Greenway. Look on our “Events” listing for dates.
  • Race Around Waltham (RAW)-The Race Around Waltham series is a series of charitable road races in Waltham that promote healthy lifestyles. The races are between 3.1 and 4 miles in length. Enter all or some of them, and you can run or walk these courses! Or just stop by to cheer on your friends and soak up the fun community atmosphere. See their website here.