Eat a rainbow!

 Yifan Wang

One of Healthy Waltham’s missions is to promote healthy eating among kids. As an intern in Healthy Waltham, this semester I focused on “Eat a rainbow” project. After several weeks researching, I gradually changed my own diet. I do not attempt to let “greens” dominate my vegetable plate, but try to get a colorful cart while going grocery. Most of those colorful fruit and vegetables are low in calories and fat, but rich in fiber, they are also a great source of vitamins and minerals. Fruit and vegetables also contain naturally-occurring plant chemicals called phytochemicals that have been found to protect us from a range of health problems including cancer, heart disease, and eye problems. And the easiest way to ensure a good mix of phytochemicals is to eat a rainbow!

To promote this “eat a rainbow” idea to more kids, we collaborated with Waltham Family School. We offered the kids some special homework: “draw our favorite vegetables or fruits”. And after two weeks, I collected many colorful drawings. I cut their drawings and categorize them according to different colors, and made a rainbow poster. This rainbow poster aimed to give kids some idea that we need to eat 5 colors of the rainbow everyday to obtain diverse vitamin and nutrition.

I joined Waltham Family School healthy potluck on April 20th, 2013. In a big classroom, every mom brought a home-made healthy dish, such as organic salad, whole wheat bread. Each person introduced their dish about the ingredients, where did they buy it, and how to cook it. Through this health fair, those mom students not only learned from each other’s healthy cooking skills, but also practiced oral communication skill in their second language English and introduced each other about their culture. I brought the rainbow poster I made from their kid’s lovely work, and taught them how important for both their kids and themselves to eat diverse vegetables and fruits.

The exciting news is that this poster will be exhibited in Waltham Public Library during May. Many kids contributed to accomplish this poster, it is totally their work, and I just put them together. And every time they walk into the library, they can see their own work exhibited to many visitors. And more importantly, their drawings also help more kids to develop a healthy eating habit. Let’s eat a rainbow everyday!

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