Food Day

By Maryanne Cai, Brandeis ’16, Healthy Waltham Intern

What is Food Day? Food Day, October 24, is a national celebration of eating real food and the advancement of better food policies. It is also a day to encourage every American to reflect on how to improve their own diets and food-related problems in their communities. To celebrate Food Day, many organizations across the nation host events ranging from school activities to community festivals. Last year, there were at least 4,700 Food Day events!

One of the reasons why Food Day was created is because of the dire consequences of the common American diet. This diet consists of consuming unhealthy levels of calories, sugar, meats, and fats. The common American diet can lead to many serious health consequences such as obesity, heart disease, and more. Plus, our environment is also severely affected when people over consume processed food! Eating real, healthy foods can not only help maintain good health, but also make our food system more sustainable. By celebrating Food Day, we are emphasizing the importance of living healthy and in a society where food sustainability is a must!

It’s easy to celebrate Food Day! Reflect on the positive things about your diet and think about any changes needed to improve your diet. We have a lot of great resources, like easy, healthy recipes and information about healthy eating. Check out our recipes here. You can also learn more about food sustainability and food-related issues such as food access by going on Food Day’s website. If you are interested in food sustainability and food-related issues, come to Healthy Waltham’s Healthy Food Access Forum on Oct. 22 at the Waltham Public Library, 6-8:30 PM! Healthy Waltham is holding this forum to discuss affordable access to healthy foods, food sustainability, and more! You can read more about it here. There are also lots of cool Food Day events happening in the Boston area. Check them all out here.

Food Day doesn’t have to be just one day. Let’s all work together on eating healthier and striving for a better food system every day!



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