Fresh, Frozen and Beyond!

Healthy Waltham was delighted to be back at the Waltham Family School for another morning of nutrition education and cooking demonstrations!

While we all know to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, shopping for produce can be difficult. Balancing taste, nutrition, cost, and convenience, among other things, can be quite a task. With that in mind, our latest workshop focused on the pros and cons of fresh, frozen, canned, and dried fruits and vegetables. Participants had the opportunity to taste test vegetables in three forms (fresh, frozen, and canned) and compare. Afterwards, Chef Reva offered up a roasted vegetable salad using frozen carrots and green beans, and fruit salad using fresh, frozen, canned and dried varieties – plus a hint of lemon and ginger!

So what are our best tips for navigating supermarket produce? Check out our handy info sheet here. 

All forms of fruit and veggies are healthy, so next time you’re in the kitchen, mix it up a bit– add canned beans and vegetables to a soup, blend frozen fruit into smoothies, and throw some craisins into your morning cereal. And remember to try out our workshop recipe with fresh, frozen or canned vegetables (para la receta en español, clic aquí).

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