Garden Poems

garden poetryGardening can be inspirational, and these young poets agree! This summer, Healthy Waltham held gardening clubs at Chesterbrook, Dana Court, and Prospect Hill Terrace housing communities. One warm day, students from our summer garden club at Chesterbrook took a break from gardening to write poems inspired by nature, vegetables and flowers. Thanks to all who helped out or attended the summer gardening clubs this year, especially our summer interns Liz and Soumya, and a special thank you to our Board President, Dr. Nadene Stein, for leading the club at Chesterbrook and for leading the kids in writing poems about gardening. See some photos from the gardening clubs here.

Enjoy the poetry from our gardening poets!


Water by D.F.
Water feels like air
You never should waste water
It is cold and hot

Nature by S.O.
Beautiful garden.
Marigold. Sunflower. Rose
Water. Sun. Fruits. Grow.

The Garden by I.S.
Beautiful garden.
Is sweet, fun to grow and watch.
Water, add sun, weed.

Raspberries by A.E.
Raspberries are red,
Sometimes taste sour or sweet.
Big, green thorny bush

Beautiful Garden by M.O.
Water, sun, life, grass
Green flower, hairy leaf, great!
Good flower garden.

Garden by S.E.
Beautiful garden.
A vegetable life cycle.
Compost. Brown dead leaves.


Sunflower by S.E.
Yellow Sunflower.
The sunflower grows.
It is a delicious snack.

Squash by Adam
Yellow. Orange.
Mom cooks squash.
I eat with couscous.

Garden by I.S.
Plants grow.
My garden grows
I eat fresh veggies

Sunflower by M.O.
Hairy leaves.
Grow over night.
Happy. Excited. Glad. Proud.

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