Healthy Food Access Coalition

Access to healthy foods is a concern for many in our community. In October, Healthy Waltham hosted a Healthy Food Access Forum at the Waltham Public Library. We heard from several organizations about resources already in place, but also barriers to healthy eating for many in the community. Our goal is to further our understanding of the resources and challenges, to make connections across sectors to help solve some issues, and to brainstorm together how better food access may be accomplished for Waltham.

To that end, we have formed a Healthy Food Coalition to examine these issues further. The purpose of this coalition is to gather representatives from various organizations involved in the food system and serving those who sometimes experience food insecurity Рa lack of ability to provide food for their families on a daily basis. We plan to meet quarterly over the next year. If you are interested in the conversation, please send us an email at

Please read more about our Healthy Food Access Forum in our article in the Waltham News Tribune here.

Now you can view a video of the Food Forum on our Youtube Channel:

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