Healthy Foods in the Schools: Kale!

“I didn’t think I’d like it but I tried it and I did.”
“This is sooooo good. You should serve this in the schools.” [as a menu option]
“It looks like green barf, but I’m going to try it anyway.” [For the record, that kid liked it too]

Take six school cafeterias, one energetic guest chef, about 2,800 hungry elementary school children, and lots and lots of kale, and mix together. What do you get? Lots of tasting, laughter, and funny quotes like the above.

Healthy Waltham’s partnership with the Waltham Public Schools is building enthusiasm for new healthy foods in school cafeterias. Healthy Waltham’s Chef Reva is back for the “Fresh! Chef-to-School” program visiting all elementary schools with new recipes for kids to try. Students around Waltham are enjoying the latest culinary adventure: kale smoothies and kale-citrus salad!

Healthy Waltham plans to continue our Healthy Foods in Schools program (which includes the “Fresh! Chef-to-School” visits) in the 2016-2017 school year and expand it to include Waltham’s two middle schools. We would also like to expand our garden-to-table program that shows kids how vegetables and herbs grown in school gardens can be used in tasty dishes.

But to do this, we need your support! Please vote for us from now through May 27 in the Belmont Savings Bank Foundation’s Waltham Charitable Giving Program if you are a Waltham resident.

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For more photos, check out our photo gallery and read more in the Waltham News Tribune article published earlier this year.


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