Healthy Kids Day!

By Danielle Einhorn

What is better than warm sunny weather, lots of kids, poofy vegetable costumes and playing with soil? On April 27th, we participated in Healthy Kids Day at the Waltham YMCA, where kids came to a fun and interactive event which taught them about nutrition, exercise, and their community. Kids ran around through obstacle courses, swam in the pool, had their faces painted, ate healthy snacks, and much more! In collaboration with Waltham Fields Community Farm, Healthy Waltham set up an outdoor booth with a display of sprouting seeds, a jar of lima beans to dissect, and a sunflower planting activity!

Kids learned that lima beans are seeds that we eat for protein and other nutrients! They have soft coats that can be peeled off carefully to reveal two cotyledons (halves), where the new plant grows from!


Kids view the seed display and plant their own sunflower seeds in handmade newspaper pots!


Indoors we had a fun vegetable drawing activity for young kids, as well as our sugary drink display, which continues to be a success! It was interesting to learn that vitamin water contains a lot of sugar! Best to stick to the basics- just plain old water!


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