Fall Intern Sara Shares Her Experience

                                                                        Sara Taylor

Hello! My name is Sara Taylor and I’ve been an intern at Healthy Waltham this fall semester. Hailing from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Charlottesville Virginia, I have an inherent passion for being outside. Coupled with a childhood influenced by my mom’s career as a chef and a Montessori background, I’ve followed a hands-on path which has lead me to work at farms in Belize and Belgium, as a prep-cook at a French retreat center and as a counselor at farm-camp in Vermont among other things. Currently I’m (semi) settled at Brandeis, pursuing a food-oriented education however I can. This fall I was lucky enough to team up with Louise Forrest to help run the Stanley Elementary School Garden Club as well as work several Healthy Waltham events promoting two of my favorite things: good food & good fun outside!

One of the highlights from my experience was taste testing cherry tomatoes with the Stanley students and watching the astonishment on their faces as they discovered how sweet these freshly picked gems were, bursting on their tongues. I saw kids who had been earlier disengaged, light up and connect with nature in a way that only getting outside and getting your hands dirty can do. My time with the Garden Club students was precious and made me realize how many communities still need opportunities for kids to foster relationships with the natural world.

I gained a real sense of how vital healthy eating education is in urban areas that went beyond the articles and papers on community gardens or the rising disconnect between children and the outdoors that I’ve studied in class. I’m grateful to have worked in an environment such as Waltham that provides such a contrast to the rural areas of Charlottesville, Virginia and Plymouth, Vermont where I have most of my experience in food related education. Though my efforts with The Garden Club may have only impacted the students on a surface level in our short time together, I found it very rewarding to show the students new things about the garden and nature that made them excited to be outside.

I thank the Healthy Waltham staff for accepting me briefly into their incredibly busy lives and showing me how essential and loved this organization is in the Waltham community. I am inspired by the level of outreach this organization has and am proud to have played a part, however small, in bringing Healthy Waltham’s noble mission to a few more Waltham residents, however small…

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