What have we been up to this spring?

The past several weeks have been a very busy time for Healthy Waltham. With the weather continuing to warm up and seeds and seedlings (started indoors in February, March, and April) needing planting and care, we’ve been doing a lot more than usual, but were snapping photos along the way. Here is a medley of pictures capturing some of our more recent activities and garden growth from this past spring.

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April blooms

Early risers: radishes and sugar snap peas

Perennial chocolate mint

Perennials lemon balm & freshly-transplanted rhubarb


Radishes bulging out of the soil

Gathering sticks and making the pea trellis @ Stanley

The finished product!

Marking and digging holes for lettuce transplants from Waltham Fields Community Farm

Getting those greens in!

Tendrils feeling their way up towards the trellis and sun

First radish harvest @ Stanley!

We ate all of the fresh & raw radish roots and most of the tops (great in salads)

Rebekah and volunteer Lara @ the inaugural Moody Street 5K Road Race

Waltham Fields farmers Amanda and Dan finish their run!

A day for discovering garden bugs and animals (a baby vole)

Late May growth: yellow irises and kale in the morning sun @ Stanley

Our lunch lettuce crop from Waltham Fields and snap pea blossoms @ McDevitt

Chive blossom

Lettuces, cabbages (before they bolted), kale, broccoli, and kohlrabi


Weeding and cultivating soil around snap peas for pumpkin seed planting @ Northeast

Cultivating for sunflower planting and watering newly-planted pumpkin seeds

At last: sugar snap peas planted way-back-when in March are ready for picking @ Stanley

Transplanting tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant; young summer squash seedlings

Inoculating and planting pole beans near the husk cherries

Pulling up romaine, red leaf, and green curly-leaf lettuces and picking cabbage flowers

At this week’s Stanley Garden Club and Waltham Boys & Girls Club session, we made a tasty lemon vinaigrette to dip our freshly-harvested and washed lettuces in. We put lemon juice, olive oil, shallot (you could also use onion or garlic), salt, and freshly-ground pepper in a bowl and gently whisked it until all ingredients were well combined. It was a simple and healthy snack that was enjoyed by all on two hot and humid afternoons!

Be sure to check in for weekly updates all summer long, as our garden work will continue at the school, Boys and Girls Club, and public housing gardens throughout these hot months (the best time to grow food in New England) and into the fall.

If you and your family are interested in helping us maintain our school gardens at Stanley Elementary, Northeast Elementary, or McDevitt Middle School, please contact me via:


No experience necessary as training will be provided.


Images by Rebekah Carter (2011).

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