The Waltham Healthy Food Access Coalition envisions local organizations and residents working together to assess and share evidence-based resources and tools to create a City of Waltham where the entire community has:

  • education about
  • affordable options for
  • convenient access to

healthy food in order to make the healthy choice the easiest choice.

We aim to promote health, prevent chronic disease and increase wellness for all residents of Waltham through policy* and infrastructure**, as well as programs and education.

The ultimate goal of the Coalition is to support a City of Waltham that is:


policy makers are aware of the obstacles residents face and the resources available to them in order to analyze current policies and make community-informed decisions


the database of knowledge available to and created by coalition members is easily accessible and widely distributed among the community


residents are inspired, motivated, and enabled to work collaboratively and act towards positive change

*We define POLICY as the established and documented laws, regulations, guidelines, practices, and procedures that are designed to inform the ways the community of Waltham conducts its various activities and makes decisions.

Examples include:  city government procurement policy for supplying food vending machines and/or food for events, transportation policies that encourage increased physical activity, school nutrition policies which mandate the provision of culturally sensitive and appropriate healthy meals

**We define INFRASTRUCTURE as the systems and services the city of Waltham provides for use by its citizens.